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Hawaii Rainbows and Photo Gallery

Anuenue (Hawaiian Word for Rainbow)

Hawaii Rainbows are one of nature's most spectacular offerings. Rainbows are extremely common in Hawaii. Showers while the sun is shining, called liquid sunshine, are a regular occurence and generate the perfect atmosphere for rainbows.

Would you like to submit your Hawaii photo(s) for our gallery? Email your Hawaii Rainbow, Flower, or Whale photo(s) to us, limit of 5 please, and we will post them in our Gallery. (All photos will be reviewed for content.) Please include your name, where you are from, and the location of the photo. Check back often to see the gallery growing!

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Waimea Canyon Photo Kauai Rainbow Photo

What is a rainbow?

A rainbow is a large band of parallel stripes, blended at the rims, which displays the full spectrum of colors that make up the sun's white light. This brilliant display appears to the naked eye when the sun's light breaks up as it passes through the prism-like raindrops during a rain-shower.

  • The rainbow's curved spectrum of light appears only when both sunshine and rainfall are present.
  • As sunlight enters the falling raindrops, it breaks up into its true colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, and violet. These colors are always arranged according to their wavelengths, with red being at one end of the spectrum, and violet at the other. Once inside the droplet, the particles of colored light bounce from side to side, reflect off of the far side of the droplet, exit the droplet, and reassemble, according to their wavelengths, to form a rainbow.
  • For the human eye to see these multi-colored bands, ranging from red to violet, his body must be strategically positioned between the sun and the rain, with his back to the sun.
  • If the sun, the eye, and the center of the rainbow's arc are not in a straight line, the show is over, before it began. This explains why we only see rainbows in the early morning or late afternoon…it is physically impossible for us to align our eyes with the sun at other times of day, as it is high above our heads.

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