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Hawaii Humpback Whales

This is a short video clip of a Maui Hawaii Humpback Whale Watch. There were three or four whales playing around the boat for about an hour. They seemed to be aware of our excitement at their presence.
Hope you enjoy it!

Maui Humpback Whale Video


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Every year, from December to April, thousands of humpback whales make their journey from Alaska to Maui.  The whales come to mate, give birth and raise their calves.  The unique location of Maui provides sheltered, virtually predator free, warm waters.  Whale watching is definitely one of the most popular things to do while in Maui.  If you decide to go on a whale watch and are fortunate enough to have whales approach, you will be in for a thrill!  This has happened to me 3 times out of 7 whale watches.  Humpback whales are truly fascinating, gentle creatures.  Below are some facts about humpbacks.   We hope you enjoy these and learn something new!

Humpback Whale Facts

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Adult humpbacks may be as long as 45 feet and weigh up to 40 tons.
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Adult humpbacks’ lungs are the size of a Volkswagen.
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Life expectancy of humpbacks is estimated at 50 years.
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Humpbacks are identified by the shape and markings of their tails.
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Humpbacks do not sleep.
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Humpbacks have very few predators; humans, sharks and orcas.
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Humpbacks do not feed while in Maui.  They live off the blubber they built up while feeding in Alaska.
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Gestation period is 11-12 months.
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An average calf weighs 1 to 1-1/2 tons and is 12-14 feet long at birth.
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A humpback mother’s milk is the consistency of cottage cheese and is 50% fat.
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The mother teaches the baby “whale behavior” such as breaching, tail slapping and pec (pectoral fin) slapping while in Maui waters.
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Calves gain about 100 pounds and one inch per day.
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Only male humpback whales sing.  All of the males sing the same song.
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Humpbacks were once near extinction due to hunting.  They are still endangered but numbers are growing.

It is very common to see humpback whales from the road while driving.  Please pull over and park in a safe spot to observe.  Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely as they may slam on their brakes when they spot a whale!

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