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Molokai Hawaii Visitor Information, Vacation Planning, and Travel Guide

Welcome to Molokai,
"The Most Hawaiian Island"

Information about Molokai

Island Color: Green
Island Flower: Pua kukui, also known as the Candlenut Tree

On Molokai you won't find traffic lights, traffic, fast food, malls, buildings taller than palm trees, glitz and glamour, or hustle and bustle.

You will find an island overflowing with natural beauty; the tallest sea cliffs in the world, miles and miles of deserted, secluded, beaches, the longest white sand beach in Hawaii, and the only barrier reef in Hawaii (32 miles long).

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You will find Kalaupapa, the former leper colony where Father Damien devoted his life to caring for the outcast victims of leprosy, also know as Hansen's Disease. Few stories will touch your heart as deeply...
Molokai Cliffs Photo

You will find an island rich with Hawaiian culture and tradition. Legend has it that Molokai is the birth place of the hula, brought to the island by the goddess of hula, Laka. There are many legendary places, monuments, shrines, ancient heiaus and petroglyphs to be explored. The tours available have knowledgable guides to share stories that bring the cultural past alive.

In spite of the quiet and slow pace of Molokai, you will find many fun and adventurous activities to participate in if you so choose. Play golf on one of Hawaii's five best courses, go snorkeling, scuba diving, or boogie boarding. Take a mule ride down the spectacular sea cliff trail to Kalaupapa. Take a cruise, go whale watching or try kayaking. Go hiking or biking on an historic tour. Visit a tropical flower farm or a macadamia nut farm. See our Land, Sea and Sky Activities Pages for more ideas.

Perhaps, most special, you will find people with true Aloha Spirit. Molokai is called "The Friendly Isle" for a reason. 40% of Molokai's residents are of Hawaiian descent, which may be part of the reason it is also called "The Most Hawaiian Island". Molokai's people are friendly, caring, open and value family, history and culture. They care deeply about their environment. They have been able to preserve many of Molokai's cultural and historical sites because of their love of the land, "aloha 'aina".

As of this writing, 15% of Molokai's workforce recently lost their jobs due to the closing of Molokai Ranch. We want them to know that our hearts go out to them and we wish them much aloha. Be assured that the Aloha Spirit is still alive and well on Molokai despite these unfortunate circumstances.

Update July 2010 -The only Hawaiian island to have its unemployment rate fall recently, Molokai is still left with a jobless rate of more than 12%, the highest in the state of Hawaii.

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